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Train Smarter Cross-train
The Ultimate Cross-training Race

Each Virtual Boot Camp Delivers:

  • 12 eWorkouts integrating: cardio, strength & yoga stretch
  • 5 Target eWorkouts to customize your plan
  • 3 Unique Phases/Months of training to shock your body
  • 10 Step Eating Experience and nutrition tools
  • Real Coaching from prep steps through completion

Unite Fitness’s Virtual Boot Camp is designed to help busy professionals burn fat, build strength, and get fit no matter where they are or what their situation is. The most common obstacles to completing a fitness or diet program are: time, motivation, know-how, and boredom. Virtual Boot camp eliminates all of them.

Virtual Boot Camp is guided by Unite’s smart, balanced Heart.Muscle.Mind philosophy in delivering 3 months of kickass training that will take your fitness and body to the next level. Unite’s trademark Cross-training includes three segments in each workout: cardio intervals, strength training and yoga stretch to create lean, muscular, healthy physiques. Virtual Boot Camp includes 12 Anywhere eWorkouts plus 5 Target eWorkouts that provide detailed exercise instruction in convenient digital formats (mp3s, video, or printouts) that are accessible by computer or smart phone so you can truly train anywhere now. Furthermore, you can customize each workout to your #1 goal with our three tracks: Fat Burner, Muscle Builder or the advanced Super Athlete.

Employing proper eating habits is ultra critical to getting the results you deserve and requires more than just a diet plan, recipes and  will power. Unite’s 10 Step Eating Experience will break through your poor eating habits, one habit at a time via our weekly eating principle and challenge.

Simplicity is key to effectiveness so we also include online tools: fitness assessments, goal planning, food journaling, and a dashboard that puts the entire virtual boot camp schedule and program on one screen. Unlike DVD programs you can shelf, Virtual Boot Camp is a 3 month group event that engages you from start to completion with weekly outreach, videos and interaction with a real coach, so grab a friend and let’s get in the best shape of our lives.

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Customized to your goal

Follow the track that matches your main goal: Fat Burner, Muscle Builder or advanced Super Athlete.

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Your diet will make or break your body

Our 10 Step Eating program takes psychology and biology into account to reprogram your habits towards healthier foods.

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Real weekly coach interaction

Great coaching can make all the difference. Top trainers will guide and inspire you from start to completion.

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10 Step Eating Program

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