UPLIFT – Simple Daily Choices Can Uplift Your Life

We tend to look outside ourselves for things that will lift our spirits, entertain us, and make us feel good about ourselves and thats okay. This is not an effective long-term strategy however unless what we chose is truly uplifted and bolsters our core being. If what we chose are cheap thrills and short term comforts they will leave us feeling empty and addicted, like we have a void that needs to be filled again. With trial and error we quickly learn the difference and so it’s a daily choice.

True confidence and joy must have strong foundations deep within our minds or they continually crumble. This emotional foundation is a set of beliefs about our personal value and the inclination of the greater world. If we see ourselves as faulty, damaged, less than and the world as a battlefield bent on servings us overwhelming challenges, than our spirit is chronically depressed. If we see ourselves as capable, good, brave and the world as providing us with gifts and workable challenges than our spirit is strong and flexible. While it may seem like a simple thing to change your beliefs it is more of a process, where experiences must back up the new ideas. This is where making choices about the places and people you spend time with becomes critical.

We are all human and cannot help but be impacted (physically, mentally and emotionally) by the environment, circumstance and people that surround us in any given moment. This is a good thing because it gives us ways in which to manage our experiences and nurture a positive view of ourselves and our world. We do this by uplifting all aspects of our lives as best we know how, which is where Unite wants to help. Unite’s purpose is to create an uplifted, intimate studio and program that attracts friendly, do-gooders to train smarter together: upgrading their diets and workouts in support of greater health and happiness.

All elements are important to living an uplifted life, so consider how you can upgrade a few of them:

  • Eat fresh, quality, healthy “uplifted” food
  • Rehabing your injuries will “uplift” every move you make
  • Spend time with people that “uplift” your spirit or you can uplift theirs
  • Clean and beautify your work and home spaces so they feel “uplifted”
  • “Uplift” your body by choosing safe, holistic exercise balanced with recovery
  • Find ways to slow down, reflect and be grateful and your mind naturally “uplifts”

By making these simple daily choices you will not only feel uplifted, you will become an uplifted person, capable of uplifting the world around you. Unite for an uplifted world.

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