The 5 Day Do It Yourself Spring Cleanse

Starts May 5th!

It seems like everywhere we turn these days, we’re being bombarded with ads for juice cleanses and detox programs. It makes sense.

Spring is the perfect time of year to break from our typical diets, that tend towards processed foods, and shift into tons of fresh foods that are easily digestible and nutrient dense.

Spring cleaning from the inside-out.  Sounds great!… until you get to the part about the price… $12 per juice??  No thank you!

Thankfully, it’s not that hard to re-create the premium juice and smoothie cleanse experience in your own home, with the equipment you likely already have, at a fraction of the price.  All it takes is a little preparation and some guidance from your friends at Unite Fitness.

We’re going to give you recipes and instructions to tell you exactly what and when to eat and drink for each of the 5 days.  We’ve done the thinking for you, so all you have to do is make sure you have the ingredients and prepare them!

*Must have either a juicer or a blender to participate.

During the cleanse be prepared to experience:

  • 3-5 juices or smoothies per day plus one solid meal to be eaten for dinner
  • A lighter, less bloated version of yourself
  • Enhanced digestion
  • Less cravings and rid yourself of false hunger
  • Better performance in your workouts
  • Shedding unwanted pounds

What you get with the DIY Spring Cleanse:

  • Recipes: preparation instructions for juices, smoothies, and daily meals.
  • Sample Menu: detailed plan of what to eat at home and when dining out
  • Shopping List: everything you need for the cleanse
  • Education on this philosophy and how it will change your life
  • Daily emails to help keep you on track and inspired

What does this program cost?

Only $47 (less than 1 day of pre-packaged juice cleanse)

Start Date: Monday, May 5th (Enroll by Thursday May 1st)

*Once you have signed up you will be receiving your getting started guide on Friday May 2nd of the preceding week which will give you the weekend to prepare.

Join our 5 day DIY cleanse now.  Click Here to Purchase!


Aside from price, another problem with the pre-packaged juice cleanses is that they are generally one-size-fits-all programs, except that nutrition is not one-size-fits-all. They don’t take into account size, weight, tastes, activity levels, allergies, or your goals when they develop these cleanses. By making the cleanse foods yourself, you have the power to adjust it, and we’ll show you how to do that.

Because we realize juicers are expensive and single-purpose devices, meaning they only do one thing, we don’t require that you have a juicer. If you have one, great! We’ll provide the recipes for your juice cleanse. If you don’t have a juicer and don’t plan on buying one, all you need is a blender, which is multi-purpose and will be a more economical purchase if you’re on a budget.Don’t think you’ll get everything you need to feel satisfied if you’re just drinking  just juices or smoothies? No worries, we’ll also provide recipes for one solid food meal per day, which will round out your macronutrient content, leaving you feeling full and satisfied.

No matter who you are and how you eat, there’s always great benefits to taking on a


  • Reset your nutrition
  • Practice discipline 
  • Feel brand new again


Unite Strength Spring Play List

Unite Spring Cardio Playlist

Summer Sweat-stakes! 10wk/$1000 Personal Training Giveaway

Yes you read correctly, Unite Fitness Philly East Studio is giving away a 10 wk Personal Training Package + Unlimited Group Cross-training ($1000 value) to one deserving contestant. Enter yourself and/or nominate friends. We will be accepting entries til Friday April 18th and training will start soon afterwards.

By combining Unite’s custom 1-on-1 Personal Coaching with our all-inclusive Group Cross-training workouts, we are going to transform the lucky winner just in time for summer bathing suits and tank tops.  Just imagine being able to focus in for 10 weeks on getting everything in order and working off any Winter weight and blues.

The lucky winner will get to work with one of our top trainers for 10 weeks to address their specific issues which could include going through our 3-Phase Nutrition Program (Assess-Customize-Optimize) and take any of our over 50 Cross-training workouts (indoor and outdoor), ALL FREE!

You can ENTER YOURSELF & NOMINATE FRIENDS for this supreme training package with just your name, email and reasons why you want this package.  Go to Unite’s Facebook Page and the special entry tab, just CLICK HERE.

PA & NJ Contemplate Bans On “Fun Runs” Effective Immediately!

Citing several dozen complaints from constituents, Commonwealth legislators are contemplating a “moratorium” on the growing trend of “fun runs” happening across Pennsylvania.  This includes such semi-popular events as the Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and the Color Run.   Representatives and senators, the very same people who deemed ketchup a vegetable  – were vocal in their health concerns.

“We do NOT want a fat state. Who wants that? We want runs that challenge people, burn some calories, and work up a sweat.  Tough Mudder, Spartan, Color Run, Susan G. Komen Race for The Cure… From what we are hearing, they don’t seem to be that much fun…Nor is there a whole hell of a lot of running…. I was in Komen last year and NONE of those old ladies ran!” said Representative Brian Sims.

Fun-runs have grown in popularity in the past few years and serve as a placeholder for actually “running”.  But, instead of testing someone’s training, strength and stamina; these runs tend to involve crawling through mud, adorned in body paint, or getting electrocuted! Some medical experts believe these runs are unhealthy.

“Unhealthy? Absolutely. I’d go a step further…I think it is killing people. People are dying of boredom from these physically uninspiring races. It’s a serious problem,” said Dr. Peia Nochio of Temple Medical Center.  “Some athletes have actually had their muscles atrophy during these runs!”

“Well, I think Dr. Nochio is a quack, but she’s got a point, “said Representative John Taylor.  “Unless you’re making mudpies – those races are kinda corny. If you want an obstacle course, build one in your backyard and go nuts.”

Historian’s believe the popularity of fun run’s can be traced back to the Manayunk Mile, a run first held in 1979, and last held in 1979.  Seven fat-asses disguised their lack of fitness ability with an intricate series of obstacles – built out of old spare tires and used slip-n-slides.  The 1-mile run was finished by Lewis Hagen of Doylestown in under 5 hours.  Ever since, more and more “fun runs” have popped up to cater to the beer- bellyied pseudo-athlete.

“At no point does the President’s Council on Fitness talk about mud or color or sparkles,” explains Commonwealth Surgeon General Dr. Henry Oax. “ If your goal was to be Rainbow Bright, then the color run is for you. If your goal is to train to look like a super hero, then not so much…”

One “run” the city is still convinced will challenge many Philadelphian’s limits, is the Unite Fitness Decathlon to be held this coming October 11th, 2014.  Registration opens today with entrance fees at their lowest.

“I competed in the  Unite Decathalon and in the Tough Mudder last year, and let me tell you the Tough Mudder is a cake walk.  A TASTYKAKE walk,” said Jock Sweigart of Rittenhouse. “ Unite’s Decathlon actually required training, “

“We designed the Unite Fitness Decathlon to be a challenge. It’s not insurmountable, it takes some training and effort – but it is a challenge and you’ll be proud of yourself when finishing,” says Unite Fitness Decathlon creator Gavin McKay. “ I still love the Color Run, Tough Muddder and Spartan. They are great experiences for the entire family. Kids, grandparents, the old and flabby, the obese.  Not so much for real athletes…“

But not everyone else agrees with McKay

“You know what you get for crawling around in the mud for several hours? Or getting doused with colored paint? You get clogged pores. Not bigger muscles, you get bad t-zones,” says Sweigart.

Some citizens worry about the other oddly out-of-place for a race elements to these events.

“I got electrocuted in the last run I did.  ELECTROCUTED.  How is that helping my weak heart,” asked Leone Ire of Cheltenham. “ Who can train for that? ”


Registration for the UFD (Unite Fitness Decathlon) Opens Today

UFD is a 10k trial run with 10 fitness challenges that test your entire body’s strength and endurance with completion, competitive and relay divisions.  The third annual event is Saturday October 11th, 2014 in Newtown, PA. Hope you enjoyed our humor and will check it out. Lock in the lowest price now!

What Your Fitness Trainers Are Addicted to!

We all have our go to foods we can’t live without. We asked 10 trainers at Unite Fitness to inspire us to get a little healthier and spill the beans on the foods they eat regularly. Some of these may or may not surprise you!

Coach Mackie:  Steves Original Tropical Paleo Bar–A grainless granola bar.


Coach Jess: Corn on the cobb–Naturally sweet and delicious.


Coach Eric: Sushi—His favorite place in the city Fat Salmon.

Coach Juliet: Chocolate Peanut Butter Quest Bars–She sticks one in the microwave for 30 sec for a gooey treat!


Coach Gavin: Sunflower seed butter–A great alternative to nut butters, especially if you have an allergy.


Coach Michele: Fruit of any kind!


Coach Anne Marie: Fage Plain Greek Yogurt with fresh berries or chopped apple. Her breakfast almost every day!

Coach Kelly: Pure Maple Syrup–She puts it in her coffee to get some flavor and added magnesium and zinc.


Coach Nancy: Lindt Chocolate!


Coach Ed:  He’s big fan of the 4 food groups that make all other foods better: cheese, chocolate, peanut butter, and bacon.

Is Your Trainer Flirting With You?

You’re in a group fitness class and they keep barking at you to stick your butt and your boobs out!? What in the hell? Is your trainer trying to get in your pants? What is your trainer trying to say?

It’s common for people to  have a specific issue with using poor form while performing most exercises. This improper movement pattern is known as  ”rounding the upper back” (or thoracic kyphosis, if we wanna be a smarty pants about it). This postural issue causes massive amounts of stress and pressure on the lower vertebrae and makes you suck at performing really awesome exercises and more importantly, puts you in a position to get hurt.  Not only is this posture issue a problem for performance, but over time you can develop a funky looking hump on your upper back, and i’m pretty sure the hunchback of Notre Dame had a hard time picking up the ladies with that. 

Next time  you’re in a class and you hear these cues, but they don’t mean anything to you, you may want to meet with your trainer one on one to get more insight. Working with a personal trainer  can help this issue disappear forever and guarantee you better results when you are on your own. Not sure you have this issue? If you can answer YES to 1 or more of the following  5 questions I suggest you start working on this ASAP.

  1. Do you feel pain in your lower back EVER?
  2. Do you have a hard time putting your heels down when you squat?
  3. Do your calves feel tight?
  4. Have you ever had shin splints?
  5. Have your knees ever hurt you?

Unite Fitness has an awesome solution for you. We offer a 3 pack of personal training. Just enough sessions to work on the specific issues that causes you from getting the best results out of class. Contact to set up your sessions today. You won’t regret it!

Why The Nation Needs Unite

Why The Nation Needs Unite

Who is the voice in the fitness industry taking a stand for training that is truly complete, safe and social?

What business is always trying to inspire a balanced, integrated approach to exercise and eating?

What brand is open enough to incorporate what others are doing, yet pure enough to not sell out to gimmicks?

The answer is simple: Unite Fitness.

The fitness landscape has changed a lot since Unite Fitness was born as Fusion Cross-training, but we have stayed very true to our core principles of balance, openness, long-term, healthy, friendliness and personal challenge.

When you look out on the fitness and nutrition marketplace in the U.S., what you usually see and hear about are the extreme workouts and diets; the singularly focused approaches; and the trendy, gimmicky, image-centered brands. Barre methods, Spin studios, Paleo meal services, Crossfit studios and Bikram Yoga have their specialties but the workouts are mostly cardio or mostly strength or mostly stretch. The diets are none of this or only that. If you mix and match these programs, you could come up with a complete fitness regimen with a balanced diet—but not if you’re only following their strict instructions. Some programs try to insert cross-training, or a few minutes of weights on the bike, or running around the block, but nobody really does it in a healthy, safe way that is accessible to most people.

Unite Fitness does all that and more. And Unite is not one of those ELITE fitness studios.

Who wants to experience PRETENSION when trying to get into shape? Who needs extremist attitudes telling them the only RIGHT way to eat? Who cares about doing MORE THAN the person next to you if you are only looking to improve yourself? Shouldn’t a fitness brand, model and studio be about working with clients as they are? Shouldn’t the focus be on uplifting clients to become their best selves instead of feeling bad about being less than some ideal image, diet or performance level?

Unite is also not just a gym.

On the other end of the fitness industry, gyms have to be everything to everybody, so they lack a personal connection, viewpoint and consistent structured training. The nation has seen an exponential rise in the amount and types of gyms and gym memberships, but has it had an impact on the health and fitness of America?  Hardly. We are as chubby and inactive as ever. Most people get memberships and never go, or when they do, they fumble about on their own without a motivational setting. It is a waste of their time and money.

When I train in Mt. Laurel, I look out our studio door into the bigger gym and there is hardly any movement going on at all, yet inside our walls we are killing it!  We get to know each other, we get a complete workout every time and most importantly we enjoy working out together and sharing our healthy lifestyles. A gym can be a good place for people who have established a regular regimen and have learned how to workout properly, but let’s face it, America, that is not most people … including me.  I am addicted to the studio community culture and the power of group training to motivate me to work harder than I ever would on my own. Gyms have had their chance; it’s time to invest in the movement toward coach-led, social and inspiring training studios.

As a savvy consumer and a fitness enthusiast, you need to ask yourself two questions:

  • What fitness model do you see changing more people’s lives for the better?  
  • What brand do you trust to lead this industry and nation toward a balanced, integrated and sustainable way to live with more confidence?  

My partners and I can guarantee you that Unite will remain balanced and pure as we expand with franchised studios, online/smartphone programs and our Decathlon race. It means we have to turn down more sponsors, franchisees, investors, etc. but it also means Unite stands for something bigger than money and fame.

Contact me (, 267-337-4365) with interest in franchising our studio model, sponsoring UFD 2014 or using our Virtual Boot Camp or 10 Step Eating Experience in your employee wellness program.

- Coach Gavin McKay

Babysitting Service: Get Your Workout in Moms

We know just how challenging a Mom’s schedule can be (Dad’s, too!).


That’s why we have always offered childcare at our Philly East Studio.







  • Offered Monday – Friday for the 9:30 Cross-training session.
  • Safe & Reliable Babysitters – interviewed and background checked, through SitterCity.
  • Easy Access – secure, stroller friendly elevator entrance on 12th St side.
  • Toys & Books provided for all ages (must be 6 months old so they can sit up).

You are always within ear shot and quick site of your child so you can enjoy your work out knowing that you can check on them and if anything happens you can be there  in a flash.  It will take a workout or two to get them used to it but soon you will be on your way to getting that body back and feeling powerful again.

Contact us for more details on how to get your workout on while we provide your child with a safe, secure, and supervised play-space. 



















Free Nutrition Talk at Pure Fare: What The Hell Should You Eat?

 What The Hell Should You Eat? (Nutrition is So Confusing!)

Monday March 24th @ 8pm inside Pure Fare, located at: 119 S 21st St

Join Melissa Murphy, nutritionist and fitness coach extraordinaire as she teaches you how to decipher your own metabolic code. Stop turning to the media and the next on sale diet book at Barnes and Noble. It’s time to get the real facts about what and how to eat. This talk will transform how you think and feel about your body and the food you put into it. You will be gaining a lifetime of knowledge that you will not regret.


• How to determine which nutrition advice is sound

• How to pick your side of some of the current hot topics (paleo, juicing, fasting?)

• How do you set a goal and actually stick to it