The Next Unite Studio: Who? Where? When?

The road to growth for a small company trying to make an impact on the world has been exciting, disheartening, inspiring, overwhelming, fast, slow, and everything in between. It’s more like a ride and Unite’s team is buckled in. We are determined to build Unite’s network and brand until it takes its proper place among the big names who are currently leaders in the fitness studio industry, such as  CrossFit and Flywheel.

As someone who has touched the Unite brand and experienced our coached cross-training workouts, you know why its important we make this leap. The need to spread Unite’s smart, balanced Heart.Muscle.Mind methodology has never been more timely, especially for a country obsessed with the extremes and confused about what is healthy and effective. The soft and complete balanced workouts are getting thrown aside for the hard and fast in terms of both workouts and meals. It’s time to Unite all these extremes into a moderate, fun and sustainable approach, bringing those people in our communities that want to see this societal change happen. If you saw Unite as just a place to get an amazing workout, take another look.

Our mission is to: “Help People Uplift Their Life”, which includes their mind, body, environment and community.  Unite aims to inspire people to care more for themselves and others by upgrading workouts, diet, outlook, relationships, etc.


In this effort, the Unite management team has been meeting with people interested in franchising our studio model. It’s a special person and situation we are looking for.  The filter is tough to get through but we are building a brand for the long haul. In case you might be looking for a career change here is what we are looking for in a person to take Unite’s brand and cross-training programs forward.

  • Match with Heart.Muscle.Mind philosophy and Unite mission
  • Friendliness and inclination to nurture staff and host clients
  • Value a proven business system and naturally provide feedback
  • Financially qualified for the opportunity: $300k Assets, $100k Liquid
  • Ready for the challenge and fulfillment of owning your own business!


While we have several territories outlined, we are always looking for new potential locations. Where do you think Unite should open in the Philadelphia metro region?  Beyond?  Take a look at our criteria below and send me your thoughts

  • Urban or higher density suburban area
  • 25-50 years old, $50k+ personal income or $75k+ household
  • Majority professional occupations
  • Thriving fitness market with peer brand levels present
  • Commercial centers (near prime residential) with good visibility


We don’t have a match to announce quite yet, but we will be thrilled to spill the beans. In the mean time we have continued to upgrade everything in the Unite model. There is nothing like packaging and awarding/selling your business system to others that will make you see all the room for improvement.  Here is a little taste of what we have been working on behind the scenes.

  • Systems: lead generation, reporting and messaging automations, as well as eLearning Portals to train coaches and franchises from anywhere.
  • Branding: expanding Unites brand messaging, upgrading our branded merchandise, and prototyping Unite’s new studio design
  • Services: creating Unite’s 3 Phase Nutrition and Personal Assessments
  • Value: increasing profits versus investment dollars for the franchise deal

The stage is set, the time is now. We thank you for your continued patronage, support and feedback on this journey in service of our mission. If you have interest in potentially franchising please contact me directly, 267-337-4365.

UFD: The Ultimate Cross-Training Event To Fight Childhood Obesity

Press Release

Rothman Institute Signs on as Lead Sponsor

(Philadelphia)- You’ve run Broad Street, conquered mud courses, and maybe even a triathlon, so what race challenge is left to inspire you? The Unite Fitness Decathlon (UFD) – Oct 11th, 2014 in Newtown, PA.

The UFD is the next generation of racing, taking racing beyond a little mud or climbing a fence by adding in real fitness elements to a 10k trail run. The UFD draws its inspiration from the original Olympic decathlon, where determined men and women competed to be considered the best all-around athletes. Rather than just testing your distance running, the UFD will challenge your overall strength, power and endurance with a series of ten fitness challenges along the 10k course, including: weighted lunge walk, suspension chest press, box jumps, rope slams, and others. WATCH THE TRAILER VIDEO!

“We saw a need for a race that was more than just running. We wanted a balanced, unique and challenging race that would inspire people to become healthy, well-rounded athletes without the overuse injuries,” explains Gavin McKay, founder, UFD. “We also wanted to support a cause close to our hearts that makes long-term impacts on the health of our society, so we have focused on childhood health and obesity.”

UFD benefits the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a Clinton Foundation NGO that works to overhaul schools to provide a healthier environment from food to education and in turn fights childhood obesity.

Rothman Institute, the leading orthopedic care provider in the Philadelphia region and official team physicians of several professional, collegiate and high school teams, has signed on as the lead sponsor of the race. “We are pleased to have partnered with Unite Fitness for this unique event,” said Marc Harwood, MD, division chief of non-op sports medicine at Rothman Institute. “The decathlon takes a run and kind of super sizes it to push competitors in all ways to their maximum.”

The Decathlon is possibly the most difficult fitness event around – but not impossible. There are Competition, Completion and Relay Team Divisions so someone can train and participate no matter what their current level of fitness and work their way up year after year.

Past UFD competitor Micah was overwhelmed after completion, “It has opened up a whole new world of possibilities about the kind of person I can be. I am more determined than ever to continue my training, take on more challenges and take off another 40 pounds.”  Read More Testimonials.

Join us on October 11th in the tree farms of Newtown, PA (30 min North of Philadelphia). Register online and lock in lower rates. See all event, course and charity details @


Unite Fitness Decathlon [UFD] is the ultimate cross-training event meant to inspire higher-level training. is the destination for the most complete workouts and wholesome nutrition programs, offering online programs, local training studios and race events.

Rothman Institute is a private orthopedic practice consistently recognized as national and regional “Top Docs”. Rothman orthopaedists with varied specialties treat patients at 19 locations in the Philadelphia-region, including an urgent care clinic in Marlton, NJ. For more information: 1-800-321-9999,


Why The Nation Needs Unite

Why The Nation Needs Unite

Who is the voice in the fitness industry taking a stand for training that is truly complete, safe and social?

What business is always trying to inspire a balanced, integrated approach to exercise and eating?

What brand is open enough to incorporate what others are doing, yet pure enough to not sell out to gimmicks?

The answer is simple: Unite Fitness.

The fitness landscape has changed a lot since Unite Fitness was born as Fusion Cross-training, but we have stayed very true to our core principles of balance, openness, long-term, healthy, friendliness and personal challenge.

When you look out on the fitness and nutrition marketplace in the U.S., what you usually see and hear about are the extreme workouts and diets; the singularly focused approaches; and the trendy, gimmicky, image-centered brands. Barre methods, Spin studios, Paleo meal services, Crossfit studios and Bikram Yoga have their specialties but the workouts are mostly cardio or mostly strength or mostly stretch. The diets are none of this or only that. If you mix and match these programs, you could come up with a complete fitness regimen with a balanced diet—but not if you’re only following their strict instructions. Some programs try to insert cross-training, or a few minutes of weights on the bike, or running around the block, but nobody really does it in a healthy, safe way that is accessible to most people.

Unite Fitness does all that and more. And Unite is not one of those ELITE fitness studios.

Who wants to experience PRETENSION when trying to get into shape? Who needs extremist attitudes telling them the only RIGHT way to eat? Who cares about doing MORE THAN the person next to you if you are only looking to improve yourself? Shouldn’t a fitness brand, model and studio be about working with clients as they are? Shouldn’t the focus be on uplifting clients to become their best selves instead of feeling bad about being less than some ideal image, diet or performance level?

Unite is also not just a gym.

On the other end of the fitness industry, gyms have to be everything to everybody, so they lack a personal connection, viewpoint and consistent structured training. The nation has seen an exponential rise in the amount and types of gyms and gym memberships, but has it had an impact on the health and fitness of America?  Hardly. We are as chubby and inactive as ever. Most people get memberships and never go, or when they do, they fumble about on their own without a motivational setting. It is a waste of their time and money.

When I train in Mt. Laurel, I look out our studio door into the bigger gym and there is hardly any movement going on at all, yet inside our walls we are killing it!  We get to know each other, we get a complete workout every time and most importantly we enjoy working out together and sharing our healthy lifestyles. A gym can be a good place for people who have established a regular regimen and have learned how to workout properly, but let’s face it, America, that is not most people … including me.  I am addicted to the studio community culture and the power of group training to motivate me to work harder than I ever would on my own. Gyms have had their chance; it’s time to invest in the movement toward coach-led, social and inspiring training studios.

As a savvy consumer and a fitness enthusiast, you need to ask yourself two questions:

  • What fitness model do you see changing more people’s lives for the better?  
  • What brand do you trust to lead this industry and nation toward a balanced, integrated and sustainable way to live with more confidence?  

My partners and I can guarantee you that Unite will remain balanced and pure as we expand with franchised studios, online/smartphone programs and our Decathlon race. It means we have to turn down more sponsors, franchisees, investors, etc. but it also means Unite stands for something bigger than money and fame.

Contact me (, 267-337-4365) with interest in franchising our studio model, sponsoring UFD 2014 or using our Virtual Boot Camp or 10 Step Eating Experience in your employee wellness program.

- Coach Gavin McKay

Philadelphia’s Unite is Poised to Become Next Big Fitness Phenomenon

Press Release

Philadelphia’s Unite is Poised to Become Next Big Fitness Phenomenon
Unite Fitness Is Franchising Its One-of-a-Kind Cross-training Studios

Crossfit, Pure Barre, Flywheel.

You may have heard these names thrown around because group-training studios are taking America by storm. It’s a massive new trend in the fitness industry: focusing on smaller communities of like-minded people who want to be trained in a specific regiment. And the next big name in fitness just may come out of Philadelphia, a city known more for cheesesteaks than chest presses.

Unite is a fitness and nutrition studio that gives busy professionals exactly what they want: complete, effective and efficient workouts. Unite’s trademark all-in-one group cross-training program combines multi-sport cardio intervals (run, spin or row)functional strength training (weights, suspension, speed bands) and relaxing yoga stretch into each 60- to 75-minute workout. This unique, science-based structure creates the perfect formula to burn fat, build strength and feel amazingly fit without sacrificing safety.

President / Head Coach Gavin McKay says, “There simply is nothing quite like Unite in the market. Our competitors are always playing catch up because we are constantly innovating and principle-based vs. pushing trends or gimmicks. We were using suspension training in our workouts years before they popped up in gyms.”

Take a look at Unite’s website ( and you can see just how pure and unique their brand is, thanks to programs like their all-in-one cross-training, three-phase nutrition program, and epic decathlon race (think tough mudder only real fitness challenges). Unite is also the only studio to offer a Virtual Boot Camp that delivers its cross-training workouts and eating program via video on any web device.

Another way Unite transcends other workout studios is through its comprehensive nutrition program. The owners of Unite realize that poor eating keeps most Americans from achieving goals and feeling better. Unlike some competitors, they do not push one “savior diet” for everyone, or simply host a workshop to address deeply engrained eating habits. Unite’s 3-Phase Nutrition Program works one-on-one with clients to assess current habits, customize a balanced macronutrient menu plan, and follow-up to optimize micronutrient intake.

“Unite transformed my body and lifestyle into a healthier, balanced person who is more fit than any time in my life,” states Patrick Terhune who lost six percent body fat from three months of Unite’s program.

Unite Fitness is now selling franchises for prime territories in Center City Philadelphia, the Main Line, and beyond. Contact, 267-337-4365 for more information.


Unite Fitness is dedicated to helping people train smarter anywhere under its smart, balanced Heart.Muscle.Mind philosophy. is the destination for the most complete and kickass workouts and nutrition programs, offering online programs, local studios and race events. 

First Ever Virtual Boot Camp Puts Trainer & Nutritionist in the Palm of Your Hand

Press Release

DVD Competition Gets Spoofed and Left Behind

P90X said I can get ripped in 90 days, then Asylum said only 30 days, but now its just 1 week with Ridiculosity! Sound to good to be true, it is; actually it’s our new video spoofing fitness infomercials. WATCH IT NOW.

10-Minute Trainer, Ab Rockets, Hydroxycut… At this time of year, the fitness and diet industry push tons of fitness/weight-loss programs, equipment and diets that don’t work or never get used. Unite Fitness is looking to curb that trend with its NEW Virtual Boot Camp, an actual online group training event, where clients step through proven cross-training workouts and a week-by-week eating program with the help of a real trainer and all in the palm of their hand.

Unlike @home programs, there is no shelving this program – as you have four months to complete the three-month program before it’s gone. To keep it top of mind, boot campers receive weekly inspirational emails, instructional videos and interact with a Unite Certified Coach whose entire job is to get them from start to completion. Coaching in other programs is non-existent, or just product sales in disguise.

“Our clients motivated the virtual boot camp. When they moved away from one of our studios, or were travelling for work– we got tons of requests for help, as they couldn’t find similar training programs. We researched and saw how antiquated and disconnected most programs are, so we built the next generation online fitness program,said President / Head Coach Gavin McKay.

Unite’s Virtual Boot Camp delivers its cross-training via 12 Customizable Anywhere eWorkouts (video, mp3, text) over 3 progressive phases of training - all accessible on any web device. Clients are now free to workout anywhere: gym, home, hotel, or outside.

Unite’s “Heart.Muscle.Mind” Philosophy is science based and insures that every 75 minute eWorkout is balanced and kickass combining multi-sport cardio intervals, functional strength training and relaxing yoga stretch. The unique dashboard puts client’s entire schedule, program and tracking on one screen so clients can easily see what they have completed, what they need to do next and access it in one click.

Most programs provide generic guidelines or one-size-fits-all fad diets, which people have to figure out on their own, so they rarely get adopted or have any lasting impact,” explains Nutrition Director Juliet Burgh.

Unite’s 10 Step Eating Program addresses engrained habits – one at a time, -with a different weekly eating challenge. This open, habit focused approach is key to sustainably transforming a client’s diet and body. In addition, in-depth personal eating assessments and custom menu plans are available.

“Unite transformed my body and lifestyle into a healthier, balanced person who is more fit than any time in my life,” states Patrick Terhune who lost 6% body fat in virtual boot camp. Join our coaches and inspired people across the world in the next Virtual Boot Camp. 

Unite Fitness is dedicated to helping people train better anywhere under its smart, balanced Heart.Muscle.Mind philosophy. is the destination for the most complete and kickass workouts and nutrition programs, offering online programs, local studios and race events. 

 105 S 12th St, Philadelphia PA  19107