Craig’s Transformation: Skinny Fat to Lean Machine

Cain Now Has Abs Under Those Scrubs

Cain works those crazy nursing hours (7am to 7pm) several days per week and is studying for his third degree but still found  time to dedicate to bettering his fitness and body at Unite.  He is RIPPED now, check him out!

Chris Runs Back 10 Years & Looks Amazing

Chris N leapt into the program a year ago by chance and has never looked back or looked better.

Chris dropped 25 pounds and melted so much off that he looks 10 years younger with a muscular frame replacing a soft belly. Chris has also got his spunk and old running pace back, taking on road races again, and reviving his past Boston marathon prowess.

Congratulate Chris in the Mt. Laurel, NJ studio.

Steve’s Transformation: Cut 9% Body Fat w/ Virtual Boot Camp

Just an amazing transformation, Steve never liked gyms much so he did Unite’s Virtual Boot Camp program TWICE, first the beginner version and then the advanced and cut 9% Body Fat, 35 pounds, 6 inches and now he is feeling confident and coming to a studio to train!

Kelly’s Transformation: Bride Slims Down in Boot Camp

Summer Sweat-stakes! 10wk/$1000 Personal Training Giveaway

Yes you read correctly, Unite Fitness Philly East Studio is giving away a 10 wk Personal Training Package + Unlimited Group Cross-training ($1000 value) to one deserving contestant. Enter yourself and/or nominate friends. We will be accepting entries til Friday April 18th and training will start soon afterwards.

By combining Unite’s custom 1-on-1 Personal Coaching with our all-inclusive Group Cross-training workouts, we are going to transform the lucky winner just in time for summer bathing suits and tank tops.  Just imagine being able to focus in for 10 weeks on getting everything in order and working off any Winter weight and blues.

The lucky winner will get to work with one of our top trainers for 10 weeks to address their specific issues which could include going through our 3-Phase Nutrition Program (Assess-Customize-Optimize) and take any of our over 50 Cross-training workouts (indoor and outdoor), ALL FREE!

You can ENTER YOURSELF & NOMINATE FRIENDS for this supreme training package with just your name, email and reasons why you want this package.  Go to Unite’s Facebook Page and the special entry tab, just CLICK HERE.

Jeff’s Transformation: Fierce UFD Competitor

Transformation: Unite Couple Vanessa & James Drop Weight





- 20 %


- 10 in


- 90 lbs !!!


“Diet and exercise used to be fads for us that we would start and stop.  I cannot tell you how many times we did that. This is the first time we have stuck with anything and we truly feel like its part of our lifestyle.  I used to run 11 minute miles and now I run 7:30 miles!”


Greg Lost 40 lbs in 3 Months! Hear his story?

Rich’s Testimonial: Changed My Complete Outlook On Nutrition & Fitness

I can remember two years ago for my company’s annual  launch of a big product grabbing a box of redbull, some muscle milk, and a few Met-Rx bars to get me through these overnight 20 hour shifts. I thought since I was watching my calorie intake and not eating Doritos I was healthy.
With my new found knowledge of  nutrition I no longer reach for those processed, easy faux health foods. With the most recent product launch, prior to my shifts I would go to Whole Foods to purchase an avocado, grilled chicken, and collard greens to make my own homemade wraps to bring to the office. This gave me sustained energy as the sun came up.
My point-Unite Fitness’ guidance, influence and advice has changed my complete outlook on food and nutrition. No matter what book I read or what “crazy” idea I find,  I can always count on Unite Fitness to have tried it, read it or researched it and to give valued feedback.
I am starting to feel just as good on the inside as I do on the outside.