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Train Smarter Cross-train
The Ultimate Cross-training Race

Break Through Coaching is Our Secret Sauce

We believe that great coaching can make all the difference. We all remember that teacher or sports coach who made us feel comfortable and confident but challenged us to be our best because they believed we could do more.

Meet the Unite Fitness Coaches

Gavin is the Head Coach of Unite Fitness if you will, our spiritual guide who keeps us on the path and ensures we are training within the principles of the Heart.Muscle.Mind philosophy. Unsatisfied with many of the extreme or singularly focused programs and diets, Gavin set out to create a philosophy, brand, workout, and diet that is all about taking the best elements and balancing them out to create something highly effective and truly healthy.

Coach Gavin has an innate passion for fitness and wellness expressed through a wide variety of studies and sports including: strength and sports training, nutrition, cooking, football, rugby, soccer, baseball, track, gymnastics, diving, martial arts, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, endurance races, yoga, and deep training in meditation. You name it, he’s probably done it. Coach Gavin’s coaching style is clear and direct, looking to cut through our mental clutter to create a break through in our thinking which will result in break throughs in our training and body.

For a time, sport, fitness and nutrition were just part of Gavin’s lifestyle while working in the high paced New York City corporate world. He had the Ivy League education, ambition and boundless dedication, but something was missing, passion and a higher purpose. In the midst of a quarter life crisis, with an enticing offer from a California start-up and a deposit at a top business school, he made a pivotal decision to jump the track and follow a lifelong dream to travel the world instead. Gavin traversed 6 continents and 30 countries, culminating in a 10 day meditation retreat in Dharamshala, India, home of His Holiness the Dali Lama. With the space and unique experiences of his journey, his purpose in life became clear, “to help people become fit and live a healthy lifestyle.” Gavin launched Unite Fitness in 2006, to revolutionize how we train and experience fitness and nutrition taking it from guilty individual obligation to addictive social gatherings..

Jesse is the Fitness Director of Unite Fitness and oversees the development of all workouts and training. Coach Jesse inspires everyone around him with his quiet confidence, disciplined training and joy in pushing his limits. Jesse grew up in New Jersey and has studied and practiced many different disciplines within the fields of exercise, nutrition, sports and massage/injury rehab to create the most well-rounded and challenging fitness programs available. He is also one of the most patient master teachers around maintaining a friendly, almost childlike smile, while his clients endure the most difficult of workouts. Some might call his smile a grin, and his training, with his never ending arsenal of smart, effective physical challenges, torturous, hence his nickname: the masochist. Bottom line, he gets results and people love him for it.

Jesse’s coaching style comes from his direct experiences as a thrill seeker and lover of challenging athletic events. He has been cliff jumping, skydiving, and back country snowboarding as well as racing in everything from 5ks to marathons to obstacle runs. And when running 10 miles isn’t enough, he straps on a 30 lb weight vest … for fun, of course. Starting to get the picture?

Juliet is the Nutrition Director of Unite Fitness and oversees development of all eating programs and training. Juliet is our young phenom, wise beyond her years, with a coaching style that reflects her pure intention and caring heart that inspires everyone to upgrade their eating habits everyday. Coach Juliet is a continual student, with tons of hours focusing on yoga, strength training, food psychology, and mind/body nutrition at the renowned Integrative Institute for Nutrition.

Juliet grew up in New York and has always been passionate about movement and fitness as a former dancer, stage performer, and child actress. At age 16, Juliet’s father passed away from obesity-related health complications. His passing was the catalyst that caused Juliet to re-examine the choices she made with her body and the food she ate, and eventually led her to implement a fitness regimen and eat healthier foods. Juliet’s love of fitness and nutrition became so strong that, at age 18, she obtained certification as a personal trainer and worked her way up at a top boutique gym in Manhattan all on her own. Outside of the fitness, Juliet is also a premier raw chocolatier, manufacturing her own line of raw organic food under the Vivo Raw brand.

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