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Train Smarter Cross-train
The Ultimate Cross-training Race


Unite Fitness was born from our Heart.Muscle.Mind [HMM] philosophy, which is an integrated view and training program that unites all the elements necessary for a healthy, active lifestyle that results in a lean muscular body. HMM is an evolving approach that is rooted in essential and proven principles of exercise, eating and mindfulness. Years of study and practice have enabled us to unite fitness and nutrition into one smart, balanced, kick ass program that can be done anywhere, anytime and with lasting results.

Smart, Balanced, Kickass Workouts

Rather than relying on any one method of exercise, Unite Fitness looks to use several methods that can better serve the goals of most people: burning fat, building strength/muscle and feeling fit. Our cross-training workout approach reflects this openness by continually seeking out the most effective and efficient exercises and tools. These are united into powerful, integrated cross-training workouts that challenge and motivate clients to achieve goals, then take it to the next level.

Three Integrated Elements

The Heart element:

  • Conditions the cardiovascular system in aerobic and anaerobic capacities
  • Employs multiple training regimens: long distance endurance, interval conditioning, and short burst power.
  • Encourages various sports movements: running, biking, rowing, etc.

The Muscle element:

  • Builds stability and strength in our musculoskeletal system
  • Employs a wide array of the most effective functional exercises.
  • Allows for a range of resistance tools: bodyweight, dumbbells, bands, etc.

The Mind element:

  • Develops mindfulness by paying attention to the power of our thoughts
  • Employs full body yoga stretch, challenges and inspiring coaching.
  • Refocuses, relaxes and uplifts the mind while speeding physical recovery.

Upgrade your diet everyday

Transforming the body and mind cannot be accomplished with exercise alone, it requires  healthy eating. Nutritional information is constantly changing.  Our coaches will help to cut through the nutrition confusion by providing the basic guidelines to ensure our bodies and minds are getting complete nutrition and fulfillment.

Instead of making drastic diet changes that won’t last, Unite takes the approach of continually upgrading your eating habits to be healthier and healthier one at a time which is why we created our 10 Step Eating Program. Unite looks to inspire everyone to upgrade their diet whether they are a long-time health enthusiast or someone that needs a big overhaul.

Turn Back to Nature

We have to go back to the food basics and start eating fresh, whole foods again as the main source of our energy: fruits, greens, grains, meats, nuts, etc. Natural, unprocessed foods are the Heart elements – they not only heal our organs, but provide increased energy, mental clarity and performance. We don’t believe in temporary quick fixes or extreme diets but rather a goal of eating healthy and balanced most of the time, putting some Muscle into our daily choices. Our balancing pyramid shows the ratios of the various macronutrients to balance over a meal, day and week from colorful nutrient-dense produce to treats. We are all unique and different and what’s right for one person is not right for another. This is where the Mind element comes in as we want to mindfully connect to our food and learn how it effects our mood and energy so we can develop an intuition for what is the healthiest decision and diet for each of us anywhere, anytime.

10 Step Eating Program

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