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Train Smarter Cross-train
The Ultimate Cross-training Race

Unite your Group in Health, Start a Private Boot Camp

At Unite Fitness we know fitness and nutrition are the keys to health and happiness and we have the best system for inspiring people to make a life upgrade. All companies and organizations want an active, healthy productive team of people. If you think that giving health risk assessments, health fairs and access to a gym are going to spark a change in people’s exercise and eating habits you are going to be disappointed. People need simple, event driven, effective programming to get in shape, along with inspiring coaches that can spark people’s desire to take care of themselves. To this end Unite Fitness develops private 3 Month Virtual Boot Camps for sponsor companies and organizations that truly move the mark on employee health and wellness.

Your group will never feel like they are on their own as each Virtual Boot Camp has a real dedicated coach that is always reachable and facilitates online communication and meet-ups among the boot campers so that everyone understands what to do, stays engaged and motivates one another. We will live up to our name and work to Unite the people in your company or organization into one powerful fitness community.

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Here are some of the things our Virtual Boot camp can do for your company or organization:

  • Market this cobranded, exclusive event to inspire your people
  • Provide access to workouts anywhere: home, work or traveling
  • Change habits one at a time via our email/video training
  • Track individual progress and offer rewards for completion
  • Connect people in healthy ways leading to greater satisfaction

We’d love to connect with you about how we can create a private, transformative Virtual Boot Camp that inspires greater fitness and nutrition in your company or organization.

10 Step Eating Program

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