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Train Smarter Cross-train
The Ultimate Cross-training Race

“What is a virtual boot camp and how is it different from my dvd workouts?”

Imagine a workout program that combines the customization of personal training, the motivation of group training, and the convenience of at home fitness programs, all delivered via modern technology … your computer, smartphone, tablet, or web enabled TV. You work with a real coach, stay in touch with other boot-campers, all on your own schedule.

“Are the workouts live? What time do I meetup online to workout?”

All the workouts are pre-recorded, but the program is structured so you know what workouts you need to complete each week. You workout on your own schedule and track your progress online. Get inspired by your coaches emails. Keep in touch with your coach and other boot-campers on the private online forum.

“I already belong to a gym, is this for me?”

Most gyms just provide equipment but no training. So whether you have a gym membership or use a home gym setup, having Unite Fitness experts training you is like having a personal trainer and nutritionist, all in the palm of you hand!

“What equipment does this program require?”

Have access to a gym? Then you’ll have access to almost everything needed for these workouts.
Building a home gym? Then depending on your budget, this is what we recommend:
For cardio intervals: You are instructed for treadmills, spin bikes, and/or rowers. Only one piece of cardio equipment is required.
For the strength training: programs can be modified depending on equipment available. Dumbbells, a suspension trainer, resistance bands, bench/ball, and/or pullup bar can be used to complete the workouts.

“I want to get lean and toned, will this program make me bulky?”

The virtual boot camp is customized for your goals. Just follow the Fat Burners program through each of the cardio and strength sections to tone without bulking. Follow the nutrition program to rev up your metabolism and burn calories even when you’re not working out.

“I want to bulk up and gain muscle mass, can this program do that?”

The virtual boot camp is customized for your goals. Just follow the Muscle Builders program through each of the cardio and strength sections to build strength and gain size. Follow the nutrition program to get the optimal protein/carb/fat intake to supply your muscles with the energy and building blocks they need to get through each workout.

“I am already fit and want to take my fitness to the next level.”

No matter what your fitness level, the virtual boot camp delivers real, science based training to you. Challenge yourself with the Super Athletes program to improve every aspect of your conditioning while getting faster, stronger, and more powerful than ever before.

“Does this program really work?”

We actually give a damn and want you to succeed.
It took years of research to develop this, the most effective program ever.
The program works, and we have a long list of testimonials to prove it. But what really sets this apart from all other workout programs is in the delivery, using the latest technology to delivery right to your smartphone. And a real coach to keep you focused and motivated from start to finish.
If we didn’t care, we would have just packaged these as dvd workouts and created a cheesy infomercial.

“Is there a diet for this program and if so what is it?”

Our nutrition program is way more than a recipe book with some pictures and a generic diet attached to it. Instead of asking you to drastically change how you eat and deprive yourself. We work on changing your habits and attitude around food. It starts with how you currently eat, then week by week you’ll make small but powerful changes that will drastically improve your results. So it’s still your own eating plan, only better, so it will last and that means changes in your body will last, too.

What results can I expect from this program?

The workouts are challenging, but not impossible. So you might just hate us at first … for making you work so hard. But you’ll soon love us for the amazing changes you’ll see and feel as you reach your fitness goals.

… Not the answer you wanted to hear?

OK, so the time it takes to reach your goals is dependent of several factors. We could say no matter what your starting point you will be ripped in 3 months. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week and fat loss is 1-2% per month it deeply depends on your adherence to the program and your diet choices. The truth is you will be in the best shape of your life and excited to continue on your path to staying fit and getting fitter, no matter what your goals are.

How long is the Boot Camp?

Get real results with 3-5 workouts each week for 3 months.

What if I don’t finish the boot camp in 3 months, how long do I have access to the workouts?

You’ll have access to all the workouts for a full 4 months.

While I’m waiting for the boot camp to start is there anything I can do to prepare?

Start thinking about what you want to get of this 3 month bootcamp. What do you want to look like after this bootcamp? How do you want to feel? You will receive your prep steps a week prior to your start date. This is where you will complete a fitness assessment before you start your 3 month program.

How do I connect with my coach?

Your coach will reach out to you each week with informative and inspirational emails. Ask questions through the private online Facebook group. Reach out and connect with other boot-campers, too!

Can I connect with other boot campers?

Yes! Ask questions, share goals, successes, or barriers, make friends, and stay motivated through the private online Facebook group.

How can I access the workouts? (What devices, do I need internet?)

Everything is web based, so any web enabled device (computer, tablet, smartphone, smart TV).

What if I don’t have internet access where I am working out (like outside)?

First, preview the videos for instructions, then print workout and take wherever!

What is the delivery Format for the workouts?

Cardio-intervals as an MP3 option, download, add to itunes, save to your ipod, and listen to while you sweat it outso you can listen to while you’re sweating it out.
Strength workouts are easily viewed on screen, with short instructional videos to show you the right way to do each exercise and series.
Yoga stretch is a live streaming video so grab your mat and stretch it out like it’s a one-on-one yoga session.

How do I access the workouts exactly and what format are they in?

You always have a print and onscreen text version to follow, but in addition you have a downloadable or streamable MP3 for the cardio intervals and streamable video for the strength training and yoga stretch segments. All of which you can access on your smartphone, so anywhere your phone goes, your training goes.

What is involved in the 10 Step Eating Program?

Each week for 10 weeks you will receive an email with text and video explaining that week’s eating principle and corresponding challenge that will focus on changing one habit that week. They are sequenced to start compounding your habits and fully transform your eating habits and diet by the end of the virtual boot camp.

When do I start and get access to the workouts?

On the start date you will get access to your workouts. Prior to the start of boot camp you will receive an email outlining the four Prep Steps required to get ready for virtual boot camp.


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