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Train Smarter Cross-train
The Ultimate Cross-training Race

12 Complete, Kickass, Anywhere eWorkouts

Each Unite Fitness workout involves a combination of heart pumping cardio intervals (run, bike, row), muscle building functional strength training (dumbbells, suspension, bands) and relaxing yoga stretch to deliver a truly complete workout that provides everything your body and mind need to be fit and feeling great. No two workouts are similar and our structure ensures you will be pushed to train better and harder than you would on your own. You can always print out the workouts but we recommend you use the audio and video coaching for best results.

Unite eWorkouts have 3 Parts:

1. Cardio Intervals

From long distances to short burst sprints to hills our mp3 cardio interval workouts deliver the voices of your three boot camp coaches, guiding and pushing you every step of the way no matter what type of cardio you choose to do that day (run, bike, row, etc.).

2. Strength Training

Knowing how to strength train and use the equipment properly is essential to fast, injury-free results. Your coaching team provides video instruction, series by series, on the perfect form for each and every exercise, including: alignment, breathing, pace, movement and emphasis.

3. Yoga Stretch

Yoga stretch delivers more than just boring stretching and increased flexibility, it mentally and physically relaxes you into a state of healing and peace. Follow the movements and breathing in video format.

+ 5 Target eWorkouts

Few Equipment Requirements

Unite Fitness doesn’t believe you should need a gym full of heavy equipment to be fit so our program uses only what is necessary. Depending on where you plan to workout and what you already own you might not need to buy anything at all. Our workouts use cardio equipment, dumbbells, suspension trainer, mat, bar and bands but you don’t need them all as we provide alternatives. Our highly recommended purchase is a suspension trainer which is effective, portable, easy to setup, and versatile.

Fitness Director Jesse Frank explains all the equipment used in the video below and descriptions and links to all of the products we have tested and recommend can be found in our Online Store.


Your entire schedule for the 3 month virtual boot camp is shown in one place including: prep steps, weekly workouts and eating challenges.

Check each activity off as you complete them and you will see your progress towards completing the boot camp to keep everyone moving to the finish line together. Take a tour to see inside Virtual Boot Camp and how simple it works.


3 Phase/Month Training Cycle

Unite Fitness’s program follows the best in exercise science and psychology. Experts widely agree that the body and mind reach plateaus after about 4-6 weeks of doing the same thing. Our body is amazing at adaptation so when given a consistent environment it will change to meet the requirements. In this case, we structure the training so that you are practicing a specific type of training (exercises, reps, sets, etc.) for 4 weeks, giving your body enough time to adapt athletically and physiologically.

Just when your body adapts and your mind starts to get bored, we switch up the workouts and shock your body by using a different type of training that challenges your heart, muscle and mind differently.

Phase/Month 1:
Stability & Endurance

Build the foundation of fitness with joint stability, distance cardio and strength endurance. The goal is just being able to complete all the reps or time before reaching total fatigue.

Phase/Month 2: Strength & Condition

Pushes your limits by upping the intensity of the workouts until you get out of breath. The aim is to increase max speed and strength, reaching muscle overload using more resistance.

Phase/Month 3:
Athletic Power

Invokes your inner athlete by lifting your training to the next level with heart pounding power movements and fat melting drills. Only after the prior two months of preparation will you be ready.

Customize the Program to Your Goal

While we all generally want to burn fat, build muscle and get fit, we all have a different starting point, strengths and ideas about what direction our body needs to go to look better and be healthier.  With that in mind we designed the each workout to be adjusted or customized based on what your number one goal is.

If you want to loose that gut or just shed some excess body fat (up to 25 pounds and 6% body fat per boot camp) than select our Fat Burner program. This variation is a perfect recipe for fat burning with longer calorie-burning cardio sessions, muscle-toning strength training and stress-reducing yoga stretch. Disciplined but healthy eating is critical when trying to burn fat as you will be on a reduced caloric intake. Having a coach, a group and Unite’s 10 Step Eating Program will help you get from start to finish.

Workout Format

(25 min) Cardio Intervals +
(35 min) Strength Training +
(15 min) Yoga Stretch
= 75 min

Weekly Training

4 eWorkouts and optional 10 Weeks to 10 Miles, Total Ab Destruction or Yoga Power Target eWorkouts

I owe a lot to Unite and the Coaches. They built my stamina and strength while reshaping my body as well as my ideas about my own athletic potential.
- Rebecca F

If you want to add muscle size and strength to your frame (5-20 pounds) to help fill out your clothes then select our Muscle Builder program. This variation decreases the amount of cardio and adds a greater volume of strength training to signal to your body that it’s time to pump up the muscle. It is challenging to increase muscle size and burn fat at the same time because you will be on a upped caloric intake, so we recommend doing a Muscle Builder boot camp followed by Super Athlete to cut back down.

Workout Format

(15 min) Cardio Intervals +
(45 min) Strength Training +
(15 min) Yoga Stretch
= 75 min

Weekly Training

4 eWorkouts and optional Super Man or Booty Blast Target eWorkout

The best rating is actual results! I have gained muscle mass and feel stronger, better, and overall in amazing shape!
- Brian G

If you are an avid exerciser or have already completed a virtual boot camp doing the Fat Burner or Muscle Builder variation, take it to the next level with our advanced Super Athlete program. This is for those people that have prepared their Heart, Muscle and Mind for a higher test of fitness and can commit to longer training sessions with a choice of caloric intake.

Workout Format

(25 min) Cardio Intervals +
(45 min) Strength Training +
(15 min) Yoga Stretch
= 85 min

Weekly Training

4 eWorkouts plus any Target eWorkouts

After months, the workouts still get me sore. I love that! The rotation of phases really keeps the adrenaline going so I don’t plateau or get bored.
- Andrea K

10 Step Eating Program

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